Moving to a new House

Moving to a new House with Kids

Buying a new home is a stressful but exciting event in your life. How do you handle these conflicting feelings? Moving to a new house with kids adds a whole new level of feelings. Think about how your kids may be feeling. Unsure. Out of control. Nervous. Excited.
Making sure your kids are included in this process may not be easy. You are focused on finances, scheduling, selling a current house, and on and on. It's definitely not easy to include your children.
I am a REALTOR but I'm also a mom of 4 kids. I've used my expertise in both to create the perfect way to include kids in the house hunting process without adding stress to you. This activity packet will...
1. Include your kids in a very important family decision
2. Don't add tasks for yourself
3. Kids stay engaged and valued
There is something for kids off all ages. To get started your child(ren) can draw and color their dream home. It's great if they can add themselves and their family into the picture either before going out to look or after you've decide on your new home. Then while you are house hunting, let have them go through the scavenger hunt.
I have include two different home rating sheets. One sheet that include 6 houses on one sheet. The other is a single house on o ne sheet. Choose which will work best for you family.